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commas A great brand doesn't happen by accident - it's built on a foundation of both strategy and creativitycomma

We aim to understand your business and express your uniqueness through your corporate image, leveraging off a wide variety of touch points to maximize reach while maintaining a relatable and consistent brand experience.

 Do all the touchpoints of your brand come together to tell a cohesive story? At OmniBrand, we pinpoint a company's brand essence and communicate it through design.

Gain the competitive edge by delivering a powerful, memorable brand experience through a cohesive and comprehensive brand image. With a ground up approach and exceptional attention to detail, OmniBrand can help you maximise your return on corporate identity investment.

Our brands are lovingly crafted by experts using a tired and tested brand and corporate identity development process.


Give your business the image it deserves, with a Corporate Identity package by OmniBrand. Designed to lead you to a greater understanding of your audience, construct a corporate tone and visual style that communicates your core message, and maximises return on your investment.

  •   Differentiate your brand with our Brand Discovery Excercise
  •   Get a corporate logo that reflects your unique selling point
  •   Express yourself with beautifully designed Corporate Stationery
  •   Consistently communicate your brand by following your Brand Guidelines
  •   Beef up your imagery with high quality stock images
  •   Protect your Brand with Trademark Registration


commasGet your brand on the map with Corporate Identity designed to make an impressioncommas

Let us craft an identity for your brand that shows off your strengths, appeals to your target market and adds to your bottom line.

What's included:

  • Brand discovery exercise

    •   Research and map your market
    •   Define your Unique Selling Proposition
    •   Learn about your Target Consumer
  • Design of a corporate logo

    •   With unlimited revisions
  • Brand guidelines

    •   Definition of a corporate colour scheme
    •   Definition of corporate fonts
    •   Brand usage Guidelines
  • Corporate stationery design

    •   Business card template
    •   Letterhead template
    •   Document styles template
    •   Email signature template
  • Stock photography

    •   Creative Market credit pack valued at $20
  • Delivery

    •   High quality / vector images
    •   Perpetual secure cloud storage and distribution
  • Trademark Registration

    •   Trademark Registration for a single class
commasMake powerful first impressions with a strategically sound and beautifully crafted corporate identitycomma

The Classic package allows you to make powerful first impressions, ensuring that you have the necessary tools to communicate with your customers with a professional and consistent brand identity.

R 14 500.00




commasThe comprehensive choice for creating a consistent brand image, reflected in every customer interactioncommas

Includes everything necessary for ensuring a professional and consistent corporate identity across all the touch points of your brand.

What's included:

  • Brand discovery exercise

    •   Research and map your market
    •   Define your Unique Selling Proposition
    •   Learn about your Target Consumer
  • Design of a corporate logo

    •   With unlimited revisions
  • Corporate brand book

    •   Outline of company philosophy and approach
    •   Outline of the design ethos and approach
    •   Tone of voice and copy guidelines
    •   Definition of a corporate colour scheme
    •   Logo and colour usage guidelines
    •   Images and supporting graphic guidelines
    •   Definition of corporate fonts
    •   Banner and signage guidelines
  • Corporate stationery design

    •   Business card template
    •   Letterhead template
    •   Document styles template
    •   Presentation template
    •   Email signature template
  • Stock photography

    •   Creative Market credit pack valued at $50
  • Delivery

    •   High quality / vector images
    •   Perpetual secure cloud storage and distribution
  • Trademark Registration

    •   Trademark Registration for a single class
commasA corporate brand book is your road map to branding excellencecommas

Your Corporate brand book beautifully communicates your company approach from philosophy and fonts, to corporate colours and image style. Contextualising your image ensures consistent delivery through marketing collateral and related customer touch points.

R 19 500.00



Looking for something more specific?

If you're looking for something to suit your specific requirements, please contact us or fill out this contact form and we'll be in touch.



What is Corporate Identity?

Corporate identity is the visual identity of an organisation. These elements work together to build an overarching image and ultimately this builds the perception of your business for individuals in the market; customers, potential customers, suppliers and competitor alike.

Your corporate identity is a representation of your business and as such it should communicate your history, philosophy, values and strategy. Your image will position you in your customers’ minds in relation to your competitors and the market.

How will I receive my designs?

We deliver files in the following formats via our cloud delivery system (explained below):


  •   JPEG
  •   PNG
  •   PSD (Editable Adobe Photoshop file)
  •   AI (Editable Adobe Illustrator file)


  •   PDF


  •   JPG
  •   PDF
  •   AI (Editable Adobe Illustrator file)


  •   Microsoft Word Template DOTX file


  •   Microsoft PowerPoint Template POTX


  •   Microsoft Word DOCX
    Wherever possible we avoid delivering an email signature as a basic image due to the lack of compatibility and elegant handling of image files by many email clients.

What is perpetual secure cloud storage?

OmniBrand will perpetually store all of the files related to your corporate identity in both editable and printable format.

These files are stored in our secure cloud storage system, which means they’re accessible to you, the customer, from anywhere with an internet connection.

We’ve found this very useful when customers wish to share files with print companies as it negates the needs to try and share/email large files.

What is a brand discovery exercise?

In order to understand your business and define an approach to the development of a corporate image, OmniBrand conducts an inquiry into all the key aspects of your business that make it unique.

We glean an understanding of your history, values, target market demographics, psychographics and geographic targeting.

What happens after the brand discovery exercise?

Once the brand discovery exercise is complete, OmniBrand’s designers will create some concept designs to work collaboratively with you to choose a design direction.

Once a direction is chosen it’ll be refined until everyone is happy with the result. This will then be rendered into final high quality graphics for dissemination.

What is a vector image?

Wikipedia describes vector as such:

Vector graphics is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and shapes or polygon(s), which are all based on mathematical expressions, to represent images in computer graphics.

Vector graphics are based on vectors (also called paths, or strokes) which lead through locations called control points. Each of these points has a definite position on the x and y axes of the work plane.

What all this means is that if you have a vector image the size of a postage stamp and blow it up to the size of a billboard, the image will not degrade in quality (pixelate) like a conventional photograph or web image.

This means that prints of the image on any scale are always crisp irrelevant of the physical dimensions.

What is stock photography and why is it important?

When using images and photographs on a website or printed advert or even a sign, the rights to use that image come into question. One may not simply find an image online and use it on their own website or in their marketing collateral.

Stock photographs are royalty free photos or images, which you pay a small fee for and can be used on websites or in marketing collateral for no additional royalties or fees.

*You cannot use stock photos as product images when selling goods

How long does it take to create a corporate identity?

The turnaround time of a project will depend highly on the feedback OmniBrand receives from the customer. Initial brand discovery excercise takes about a week while the team assimilates and researches the information that you provide.

The initial design concepts are generally delivered within week two of the project. Following that is a process of feedback and revision that may vary. Overall the project can be expected to be completed within one month.

What are the payment terms?

OmniBrand requires a 40% project initiation fee, after which work will commence. The remaining 60% is payable prior to the delivery of final files.


When it comes to branding and websites, social media and marketing campaigns, it is definitely not one size fits all. Feel free to chat with a trained OmniBrand consultant to discuss your unique requirements.

 +27 87 151 0315

 [email protected]

Do you have a question for us?

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop us a message.


commasNo matter how big or small your business, there are big benefits for businesses that get their corporate identity done rightcommas

  Your brand will differentiate you from your competitors
If you have a strong brand with a well-defined brand message, your customers will know exactly why they choose you over your competitors

  Design is a powerful influencer
The brand subconsciously influences everything from company culture to the bottom line. This is why at OmniBrand, we talk strategy before we start with design. Strategy is central to the design of a strong brand.

  Great brands shorten the road to conversions
By appealling to the emotions of your target customer, a strong brand can act as a short cut to a conversion when the consumer would otherwise be considering alternatives and comparing their options.

  Great brands create loyalty
People develop loyalty to particular bands and in turn these brands become part of their own identity. Brand loyalty is maintained by continuously providing your customers with a memorable, repeatable and consistent brand experience, with which they can identify.

  Easy introduction of new products
When you already have a strong brand and loyal customers, it is often easier and less expensive to introduce new products or test them out before you further invest in them. If you have a loyal brand following, your customers will often be interested in your new products and even anticipate their release.

  Strong brands can get away with premuimisation.
A strong brand sells more than products and services; they also offer intangible benefits to their consumers. It's these intangible benefits that enable strong brands to charge premium prices.


Close the confidence gap by making a brand promise that you deliver on consistently.




Biologica is a black empowered Pharmaceutical Supply company established in 2013 by one of South Africa’s top entrepreneurs, Dr Nondumiso Mzizana.

Biologica is recognised for it’s continuous effort to develop and train previously disadvantaged individuals in South Africa, while delivering high quality medical supplies to clinics and hospitals all over South Africa and into the African continent.


RPM is a Johannesburg based plastics manufacturer. The exceptional quality of their products inspired them to use the word "Royal" in their name and inspired us to craft a premium corporate logo for them that takes a bold step forward, appealing to consumers who are looking for plastic goods that are both modern and sophisticated.


Placed is a Johannesburg based boutique recruitment company that specialises in IT placements


Legend 88 International Fashion & Accessories is a Hong Kong based fashion wholesaler




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